Friday, November 7, 2008

Lioneld Jordan to face Dan Coody in runoWhy I'll vote for Lioneld Jordan for mayor of Fayetteville, Arkansas, on November 25, 2008

Please vote for Lioneld Jordan for mayor on November 25

Lioneld Jordan has been my choice for mayor of Fayetteville since election talk began.
No one can be expected to do more to protect the city's environment and people or make better decisions for the future.
Lioneld was born in Fayetteville and loves Fayetteville.
No one in public life since I first attended graduate school at the University of Arkansas in 1966 has more consistently earned my respect.
Lioneld listens to everyone's concerns. He understands and relates to working people in my Town Branch neighborhood in south Fayetteville and supported our effort to save a parcel of wetland prairie from development as we raised money to make the land a city nature park. The project would have wedged 48 apartments into a beautiful old single-family neighborhood with no concern for the sensitive environment.
Lioneld voted to protect the Wilson Spring property, among the rarest ecosystems this side of the Buffalo River.
He earned the Sierra Club's endorsement for those votes and for supporting parks, trails and Fayetteville's steep, timbered hillsides and stream riparian zones.
He earned the endorsement of Fayetteville's firefighters and police and of the union of the staff and faculty of the University of Arkansas, where he has worked for decades.
He earned the respect and endorsement of the local Green Party.
Among people I know, Lioneld got votes from people whose statewide and national votes were for candidates of both Democratic and Republican parties. His record stands on its own.
He is the kind of person both major parties want on their ticket.
And he was endorsed by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
As a member of the OMNI Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology, I am only one of many who voted for Lioneld because he is strong in all areas of OMNI's concern.
I am among the members of the Carbon Caps Task Force who support Lioneld.
I have friends who support the Nature Conservancy, Ducks Unlimited, the Arkansas Wildlife Federation, Audubon Arkansas, National Audubon, Quail Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, the Game and Fish Commission's Stream Team and many unaffiliated hunters, fishermen, bird-watchers and nature lovers who voted for Lioneld.
Most important, however, are the working people who know and respect Lioneld and believe he will continue to give them a voice in city government, even as he works to create better jobs and housing for low-income residents and protect the environment while negotiating the best possible development plans as Fayetteville grows.
Lioneld respects everyone and shows no prejudice toward anyone. He listens to all and learns and strives to make decisions fair to all.
Aubrey James Shepherd

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