Thursday, June 12, 2008

Beaver Lake is the key to all the growth Northwest Arkansas has experienced since 1960. We must protect its watershed or see decline begin long before the growth ends.


Anonymous said...

About time you added a new blog to your list. Most of the others are mostly about the watershed but it isn't named as the subject in the others. I guess this is one that will help you convince the city council and the mayor to support a stronger stormwater ordinance. Lord knows, Fayetteville needs to pass one. I liked what you said at the most recent council meeting about it. But none of them acknowledged it and the newspaper didn't miss it.
Keep after it. You'll finally win.

Anonymous said...

Were you blaming all the growth on Beaver Lake? If that lake had never been built, the money-grubbing "community leaders" would have found some way to make the dire predictions of rampant growth finally come true.