Friday, June 20, 2008

Condo developers face lawsuit

Suit filed against condo developers
By Tracy M. Neal Staff Writer //
Posted on Friday, June 20, 2008
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BENTONVILLE - Helen Hawkins is seeking more than $ 2 million from the developers of the proposed Grandview Heights condominium project on Beaver Lake.

Rogers attorney Jennifer Grey filed the May 12 foreclosure suit on behalf of Hawkins against Beaver Lake Properties LLC, Mendel Corp Inc., Northstar Engineering Consultants, Benton County Tax Collector Greg Hoggatt, Greenfield Capital Development Corp. and Jimmy Jones Excavation Inc.

According to the complaint, Beaver Lake Properties is past due in its time payments for the land it received from Hawkins.

Hawkins claims she is owed $ 2 million, plus interest.

Hawkins also claims she had a contract under which she would receive $ 300, 000 credit toward the purchase of a condominium unit.

The suit also seeks compensation for any damage to the property from the development. The suit seeks more than $ 2. 3 million.

The case is assigned to Circuit Judge Tom Keith.


Anonymous said...

The judge should give her the land back plus
$2 million.

Anonymous said...

Have they been fined for their polluting runoff?

condo in Philippines said...

Hi It's been a year since you posted this and I just want to know if there is there a new updates about this? Thanks.

arrielle p