Friday, June 13, 2008

A woman and boy wash clothing in the Town Branch of the West Fork of the White River on May 24, 2004

Please click on image to Enlarge photo of homeless laundry on May 24, 2004, near the center of what is now known as the Hill Place student-apartment project.

One question that no one brought up during the past few months as the Hill Place project went through the approval process is what will happen to this particular part of the area formerly known as Aspen Ridge. The huge culvert routes water from the University of Arkansas campus under a railroad siding embankment that linked the east/west and north/side railroads in the days before the east/west tracks were removed. Before the walking bridge was built by the Aspen Ridge developers, this was the only way to cross the Town Branch with dry feet between Eleventh Street and the old trestle at the east end of the tunnel that allowed the east/west railroad to pass under the north/south railroad.

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Anonymous said...

Are you saying that human beings have a right to live in the woods and enjoy the water in clear streams? What a novel idea. Next you'll be saying that native Americans ought to be free to live off the land.